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About ready to call Shenanigans on this whole Raspberry-Pi thing

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on Fri, 03/23/2012 - 19:00

OK, about a week after Raspberry-Pi 's were first offered for sale, I get an e-mail from saying they could fill my pre-order.  Since this was neither of the RPi's announced distribution partners, I had to look them up. is listed as a partner here on the Element 14 website and the Raspberry Pi website confirms Element 14 is part of Premier Farnell, one of the orginal announced trading partners.  Then I hear the first run has to be remanufactured because the wrong RJ-45 sockets were soldiered to the boards , today, the other distribution partner, RS Components Limited, appears to have sent me a notice that shipping has been delayed again for "compliance testing" ON A PRODUCT THAT IS SUPPOSSEDLY ALREADY IN PRODUCTION! The URL on the link in the message from "" contains a long hash that must contain identifying information that I would prefer not to post here, so instead I've included the contents of the site and the e-mail message.  There doesn't seem to be anything about this yet on, so I'm not certain this message is even legit, I'd like confirmation (reply here or at fiftyonefifty at


Identical text of the message I recieved from RS Components and web site linked within are as follows:


Raspberry Pi latest Update
Raspberry Pi

Welcome to the latest Raspberry Pi update from RS Components!

Much has been happening behind the scenes since you received our last update, not least the start of compliance testing on the Raspberry Pi.

Why are we doing this? Compliance testing is an essential part of bringing any electronic product to market. The Raspberry Pi is being tested to make sure it conforms to all the regulations that apply to electronic devices around the world. This means that we can be sure the Raspberry Pi we deliver to you meets the correct standards and is as safe as you would expect any electronic device you purchase to be.

We’re working with the Raspberry Pi Foundation to manage the testing process as quickly as possible, while ensuring all tests are carried out to guarantee safety. More information is being posted on the Raspberry Pi website , as well as on our own FAQ pages or DesignSpark. We’re also regularly tweeting updates on progress. Follow @RSElectronics on twitter to catch the latest news.

Alongside this, we’ve also been contacting the first group of people who registered for a Raspberry Pi from RS, to help us plan delivery of the initial batch of boards. In next week’s update, we’ll provide more information on how we’re managing the queue and the order process.

RS Components

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It's been pointed out to me after I posted that the compatibility testing is likely part of re-certification after the bad RJ-45 plugs were swapped out, so it is part of the delay we already knew about, not something new, so now I am not as anxious about when I will see the unit I ordered.

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